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Who is alain delon dating

Alain was injured while protecting Mairin from Mega Rayquaza's Draco Meteor, and the Giant Rock vanished.

Lysandre saw the Giant Rock's energy was emitted close to Rustboro City and sent Alain to accompany Steven to find the megalith.

He also wears a pale, blue scarf that closely resembles the flames that appear from Mega Charizard X's mouth.

Alain is a calm, silent-type figure, who shows little emotion and focuses his attention towards battling.

They found a mysterious rock called the Giant Rock, which was supposed to be connected to Mega Evolution.

Before Lysandre's team could properly study it though, Mega Rayquaza appeared and attacked them.

Alain's been strongly influenced by Ash due to his eagerness in battles which is why he wanted to compete in the league to battle him also Ash helped realizes his actions after seeing what his work made his former boss do and Ash helped him start over with his friend Mairin.

Alain, before his quest to search for Mega Stones, worked with Professor Sycamore in his lab in Lumiose City.

However, he started to feel better after a brief conversation with Ash and gladly accepted Sycamore's offer to become his assistant again.

Mairin saw Alain had a Key Stone, using it in a battle against Remo and his Garchomp. Afterwards, he came to a restaurant, where he met Siebold and had a battle with his Mega Blastoise.

Despite losing, Alain was told he did well since Siebold was a very tough opponent.

Sycamore knew there were secrets tied to the Mega Evolution and let Alain go pursue the quest of finding the Mega Stones.

One day, Alain found an injured Gible, which Sycamore adopted and took care of, even managing both of them to befriend Gible.

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