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Internet dating warning signs

While this rendezvous will occasionally take place in one of the two people’s home town, most often it will be set to occur in what I like to call “neutral territory.” So if you are in this situation, whether it’s a long distance relationship or not, how do you know whether the person who you’ve been dating long distance is everything they say they are? A lot of times if you connect with someone about one or two things, its really easy to overlook everything else. If the person is not giving you any details on the kind of activities they’re doing with their friends or one particular friend, you might want to start wondering if they are hiding something from you. A lot of the people who have something to hide, even when they do invite you over, may insist that you always call to confirm before you come to their place. I understand in the beginning you want to be polite and respectful and not make impromptu appearances at someone’s front door, but if you’re really dating – even if it’s long distance – there is no reason you should not be able to just “stop by” and surprise them for a visit. While I wouldn’t say that you have to go to their place unexpected all the time, there is a balance where you should feel comfortable showing up at each other’s homes without worrying that doing so will make the other person angry. While it is normal in the beginning of a relationship not to discuss things like your finances with each other, it is a warning sign if you know nothing about how they handle their lifestyle.A lot of times I don’t know exactly what my personal friends do for a living, but I still always know how they conduct their lives, how they make their money and whether they are responsible with their money.I did actually help one man I know break out of this pattern and marry a great woman, finally. Some women actually do go for the jerks because these jerks keep their real selves hidden while masking it with a neat front, which is perceptible if you aren't blinded by "love." But as you've said many times, women love confident men.Yes, this is the real lady killer, so to speak (confident men).These are just some of the warning signs you may notice when you’re in a relationship with someone you met on the Internet.If you are in a long distance relationship with someone you met on the Internet, then you need to pay really close attention to these things.

Let's not forget, some women have as many faults as some men do.

If so, then once again you need to ask yourself what they are not telling you. Are they only wanting you to know one side of them because they’re afraid that if you find out something else about their life that you might be turned off by it or you might not want to have anything to do with them? Even though you may be strongly enamored with this person, do you still notice inconsistencies in their behaviors or in their stories?

So again pay attention to the relationships these people have and pay attention to the surroundings in which they live. A lot of times when we really like a person, we neglect to pay attention to the small details.

This blog article/entry plus others actually do give us a clue to the ageless and sometimes claimed "myth" of "Why do women LOVE jerks???

" No, not all women do go for the jerks, but some notable number of women do actually fall for jerk after jerk after jerk..., instead of the "nice" guys who are sometimes, you guessed it, needy (big turnoff to women as you point out).

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All fantasy aside, though, do you still see contradictions in the other person’s stories?

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