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Thus, Hungary was able to save most of its Austrian-Hungarian heritage with its classical architecture and Vienna-like coffee house culture.

As Hungary never had to back down like Russia’s main bottom-bitches Ukraine and Belarus in terms of Russification the Habsburgian heritage is still alive today with many Hungarians learning German instead of English as their first foreign language.

Even with a growing influx of dead-beat tourists from Britain and Germany Budapest girls manage to keep their charme.

Speaking to me as if I was a local he complained how all the restaurants on Heroes Square would serve small portions at high prices which he found “unfair”; he advised me to go back to the center and recommended three restaurants.While you will see lots of the obnoxious beer ride things (whatever these things are called officially) in Budapest like on the picture below, Budapest is (not yet) a stag-party haven like Riga or maybe even Prague.As it is still a bit father away from Western Europe than, say, Prague, Budapest isn’t totally washed out from cheap city tourism, either.The more East you go the more you will realize that your own cultural background is not one norm with all others to be measured against it.It is, after all, just one out of many others and maybe not even a good one at that.

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