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The Norwegian Opera, opened in 1959, receives state subsidies (as do most other theatres).In addition to its National Art Gallery, Oslo opened a special museum in 1963 to honour Edvard Munch, credited as one of the founders of Expressionism and as Norway’s most famous painter.Musical festivals in Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen, and other cities honour genres ranging from jazz to heavy metal, hip-hop, and even Norway’s version of country music.Whereas its Scandinavian neighbours Denmark and Sweden have long-established filmmaking traditions, the film industry in Norway did not achieve international success until the 1970s.

Long known as reindeer herders, they maintain their own national dress.Sami Easter festivals include reindeer races and chanting ( In Viking days storytellers (skalds) of skaldic poetry wove tales of giants, trolls, and warlike gods.Drawing on this tradition, centuries of Norwegian authors have created a rich literary history, in both spoken and written form.Films in Norway are subject to censorship, primarily on grounds of violence and, to a lesser extent, erotic content.Riksteatret, organizes tours throughout the country, giving as many as 1,200 performances annually.

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Several thousand new titles appear annually, of which some three-fifths are of Norwegian origin.