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My 11 year-old daughter attended one of your assemblies yesterday at her school, and she had some interesting comments to make on our ride home.Although she (and I) appreciate the positive intention and mission statement of your campaign, my daughter felt that the exclusionary nature of the program, limited only to girls, actually had the effect of enforcing negative stereotypes of the archetypal "mean girl," as if boys were not also the victims and perpetrators of bullying.Please only submit title-help questions about period dramas!If you submit a question or answer that we feel is inappropriate, we reserve the right to delete it!I hope you are doing better and can grow from this chapter in your life.I'm sorry for all the times I cried myself to sleep.If you can help identify one of them, click on the appropriate “Answer this...” link.If you are having trouble identifying a film yourself, simply ask for help.

While I think we can all agree that kindness is a positive virtue, she felt that--by limiting your message to girls--it was reinforcing societal modeling that the most important thing was to be a "good girl" who passively accepts the status quo and shies away from confrontation.

I was so focused on the thought of "Oh my God, she left me! I spread horrible rumors about you and told people the secrets you trusted me with. I’m sorry my grades are very good and I’m not always the best person I can be. And I want you to know you are so beautiful and amazing and you are the best mom ever.

At this point, I don't even have a full explanation. Dear My Friends, For the past few years I've been a shadow. I can never EVER repay you for all you’ve taught me and given me throughout what I have lived of my life. I’m sorry that I didn’t realize how hard your life really is.

I pledge to never make someone feel they are not good enough or different then everyone else.

I pledge to stop bullying and to help others stop this vicious cycle. You and L both claimed to be my best friends and I agreed. But you and Lizzy grew in different directions and you pulled me with you.

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Even though life feels like its worthless right now, I hope one day you realize that there might be hope.